Walter Winkle
Mr winkle


Middle Aged




[Swamp Person]


Mrs. Winkle

Wendy Winkle

Other Names Eely
Walter Winkle is the father of Wendy Winkle and one of the richest and most powerful people in Soap City.


Mr. Winkle is a former Swamp Person. He is revealed to be a dependent of the "deeper people", who are relatives of the Parsons. He has many swamp related items in his office and house (an "ugly chair", swamp fish as pets), has deep knowledge regarding swamp cuisine and has even employed the Parsons to supply him with swamp remedies and ingredients. In the episode Swamp Fever, it is revealed that he once went by the nickname "Eely."

He happens to be a very good wrestler.


Walter appears to be a middle-aged man who usually wears a blue suit and matching fedora. He always has five o' clock shadow.


Though he tries to be a tough businessman and is not above using his power to get what he wants, Walter has a soft spot for Wendy and spoils her by giving her everything that she wants.


Wendy Winkle (Daughter)

Mrs. Winkle (Wife)  

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