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Seth Parsons(father)Lily Parsons(mother)Zachary Parsons(brother)Lucien Cramp(best friend)

Tony Parsons is Lucien Cramp's best friend and a swamp folk, who lives in the swamps of what is left in Soap City.


Tony Parsons is currently the youngest son of Mr. Seth Parsons and Mrs. Lily Parsons. Due to being raised as one of the few Swamp Folk who embrace their heritage, Tony has escaped many of the harmful fumes and chemicals the pollute the air of Soap City.


Tony wears a brown sweater and beige pants. He is very short in stature (small enough to hide in a sandwich), which begs the question of his age.

His hair appears to be just growing in and he is smaller and weaker than a baby.


A counter to Lucien's logical personality, Tony is somewhat old school and traditional in the ways of the swamp.Tony's open mind to the paranormal is sometimes at odds with Lucien's more scientific approach. He is also very superstitious.

Despite Tony's love of, and highly protective nature of the Swamp Folk Heritage, he is also very fascinated by the ways of the Soap Folk.

Tony is very intelligent, observant, and resourceful, capable of bending both junk and swamp to his will with simple movements.


Tony's age has been questioned many times throughout the course of the series. Tony appears to be very youthful: he only has three hairs, is small enough to be launched from a slingshot, sit on Lucien's shoulder, and, being the youngest of the Parsons' children, suggest that he is younger than Lucien. He seems to be an infant, however the fact that he can talk and was put into Lucien's grade suggest that he is older than he looks.

One possibility is that Swamp Folk age slower but learn at the same pace as Soap Folk. Another possibility is that he is younger than others and that he was put in the wrong grade by mistake. It is also simply possible that Tony is simply small for his age (incredibly small, and still has taller and older siblings), and will grow larger.

A final possibility is a combination of some of the above, as it could be that Swamp folk learn at an incredibly fast rate and still age at a relatively slow pace which would account for Tony's size, age and intellect.

It is likely he will age slowly as is the case with his father, who was a small boy identical to Tony during the days of the wild west, yet now only appears to be middle aged and in excellent shape.


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Father: Seth Parsons

Mother: Lily Parsons


  • In an old picture of his father, Mr. Parsons looked exactly like Tony, but Tony said his hair was parted differently. (due to the stylised appearance of the show, both appear to have only three hairs)