The Swamp is a location in Soap City in which many creatures live and is often frowned upon. In the past the Swamp was occupied by Swamp People and the predecessors of Wayne and Lucien. The Swamp was a small town until 1982 when Terrance Soap built a soap factory and started testing the products on animals.

The closest people to the Swap are the Cramps, the Swamp being just right behind their house (which can be seen in the intro and in many scenes from the show)

Lucien spends most of his time in the Swamp with his friends, Tony Parsons and Mari Phelps. Because of this Lucien is the only one in his family to not have his skin altered by the chemicals in the City. The other members of Lucien's family don't have the same opinion as Lucien about the Swamp. His mother hates it because it's a dirty place and she's obsessed with cleaning. Wayne is scared of the Swamp and doesn't like going in it. The only one who doesn't hate the Swamp is Horace Cramp but has no particular opinion about it.