Slave Mart is the 5th episode of season 4.

Plot Edit

Lucien and Wayne’s non-stop fighting is driving Mrs. Cramp up the wall. They can’t be trusted to be left at home, so Mrs. Cramp is forced to take them out shopping with Marsha and Tandy. But in the supermarket the boys’ fights continue and a display of glasses gets knocked over. The manager demands the boys work to pay back the damage. Both the boys protest their innocence and blame each other, but Mrs. Cramp leaves them and goes off with Marsha and Tandy. The manager is a tyrant. He puts the boys in uniforms, gives them numbers and puts them to work. Wayne tries to make a run for it but gets caught. Lucien is all for staging an uprising when the manager throws him in the refrigerator room to cool down. Meanwhile Marsha and Tandy are proving themselves to be as bad as the boys when it comes to fighting and arguing. Lucien is brought out of the cooler, but still protests his innocence, so the manager shows him the CCTV video from earlier in the day, but they are both in for a shock. Mrs. Cramp returns to collect the boys and ends up being taken into custody. The boys are freed and sent home and Mrs. Cramp takes over from Wayne pedalling an exercise bike in the supermarket cellar to power the check out belts.