Naughty Nuptails is the 14th episode of season 3.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Lucien sitting on his bed and counting his worms but he get's distracted by a sound coming from his closet. Inside the closet he finds Tony trying out his tie, he tells him that he needs clothes, nice clothes and also some "nice smelling spray". Lucien is curious to why Tony needs all this and he asks him. Tony then tells him that he's getting married. He goes to the bathroom and takes the cap off a perfume bottle and uses it as a top hat. Lucien is still amazed by the news and tells Tony that he's way to young to get married. He doesn't care about that and tells Lucien that she already wrote him a love letter and he likes love letters. He also tells Lucien that swamp folk usually get married at a young age. Tony is mad that Lucien is not happy for him and goes inside his room and slams the door, Lucien responds by slamming the bathroom door. Wayne hears it and decides to join the fun. He asks them what's going on and Tony tells him that he's getting married and he can be his best man, he also tells him that cake will be served at the wedding. Wayne accepts which leaves Lucien sad.

Lucien feels sorry for making Tony feel bad and decides to bring him more "outfits". He gets to his house and asks Mr. Parsons about him. He tells him that Tony is at shopping for more things at the mall. Rest of the plot is to be added soon.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was written by Brian Wood, the shows creator and produced by Denise Green.