Mister Congeniality is a Season 4 episode of the Cramp Twins. It is about Lucien completing in a girls' pageant.

Plot Edit

Lucian finds about the beauty pageant that's being held at the mall, he calls such competitions sexist because they only focus on appearance and not on actual intelligence. He decides to join to prove that point. When they get to the store, Lucien asks Mrs. Cramp, He wanted to know if that store even carries tuxedos, But he has to wear a gown instead.

Wayne decides to secretly help Lucien to win the competition. He hides under the stage with one microphone and sabotages the other girls.

In the end Mr. Winkle gives the prize to Wendy, Mrs. Cramp protests and says that the judges were bribed by Mr. Winkle to help Wendy win despite her poor performance. Wendy shows everyone that Wayne was under the stage the whole time and that he has helped Lucien. All the girls start fighting over the crown but it ends up falling on the ground where Mrs. Cramp picks it up and claims herself the winner of the pageant.