Little Big Man is the 8th episode of season 3.

Plot Edit

When Mr. Cramp takes the twins and Tony to the fair Tony fails to reach the minimum height line to ride the new rollercoaster. Despondent, Tony wanders off while Lucien has a disastrous ride and Wayne a brilliant one. Lucien goes off in search of Tony and stumbles across an attraction he knows Tony will love - a model village in perfect scale to Tony! The place has a weird miniature zoo, an army base… and a fairground! Tony goes to ride the miniature rollercoaster and meets a group of similar tiny kids. But when Wayne discovers he’s bigger than the maximum height line for the little rollercoaster he wins himself a huge dinosaur toy and dresses himself up in the “skin” of the toy. Now resembling Godzilla, he goes on a rampage through the model village. Tony and the tiny kids team up together and use the miniature army weapons to defeat Waynezilla and pin him down beneath a tiny harbour bridge. Mr. Cramp, meanwhile, has managed to lose a very large amount of money, obsessively trying to win a Western-themed teddy bear.