Captain PowerEdit

This is the cereal that Wayne most frequently eats in the series. Its ingredients are not specified, but it must contain enough sugar to convert Wayne to his usual hyperactive state in the morning. He is attached enough to it that he had the mascot character temporarily tattooed on his body in Tattoo Boy.

At one point, boxes came with a "combustible space rock" prize inside.

Sidekick TedEdit

This was a spin off cereal of Captain Power featured in the episode Food Fight. It was pink in appearance and was noted by Mrs Cramp as having lots of extra additives. Its side effects were inevitably making people extremely hyperactive and full of energy.

Nature BitsEdit

This is Lucien's favourite cereal in the series and consists of oats and seeds. Due to its low sugar content and high vitamin amount, it just makes Wayne feel sleepy when he eats it in large quantities. Lucien also tries to use it as a mulch for lobster grass at the beginning of Weedkiller.

In Prize Swallow, boxes of Nature Bits came with rare bird whistles, including one which attracted Crested Marsh Swallows.

Locust Bean SurpriseEdit

This was the first of many mail ordered cereals from that Wayne got in Swampless. It is a Mexican organic cereal comprised of beans. Unfortunately, it gives people ((and animals) uncontrollable gas. Mrs Parsons came to the conclusion that it wasn't intended for humans to eat.

Fizzing Chinese Dragon FlakesEdit

Another cereal that Wayne ordered by mail. It is mentioned that it comes with a warning on it in Chinese, but Wayne is unable to read it. The cereal is highly combustible once milk is added, so this is possibly what the warning was about.

Atomic StardustEdit

This was a cereal that was apparently banned when Mr Cramp was a boy, but Wayne managed to order a box of it from Malaysia where it is still produced. Although the cereal ingredients are unknown, the brand is famous for its inclusion of one million "space poppers", which are insectoid creatures that are grown in the same manner as sea monkeys and explode into dust when exposed to light.

Chilean Mountain CrispEdit

Another cereal Wayne mail ordered, it is red in colour and is flavoured strongly of chili pepper. Its mascot is a smiling red chili pepper, which Wayne interpreted as meaning it was strawberry flavoured.