We've thrown away our former gods Controlling our day We have created better ones So we control the way

We are the ones with the power To hold down the enemy Our gods are perfection And they are protecting our lives We still need some more of them To be safe from the other side As long as we're stronger Nothing will happen to us

Fireflash in the night Just an evil dream Holy war in the sky. . . .never

Insania 20 16

Error in store 103 We watch the sun at night The pretty gods we've built ourselves Now terminate our lives

Silicon brain powered voices Are crying "attack" tonight Our gods are now fighting In anger, burning our world Doomsday has come And there is no place to hide away The future is over And there is no turning back

Fireflash in the night Now reality Holy war in the sky. . . .

Chorus Twilight of the gods Insania's dead and gone Another world was born But the twilight soon will come

(Solo) (Mike/Harmony both/Kai)

Fireflash in the night Now reality Holy war in the sky

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