Plot Edit

The episode begins with Wayne watching the TV, Lucien and Tony hide behind the armchair and couch, Tony licks a lolly pop and sticks it to the side of the armchair Wayne is sitting on Wayne puts his arm on the armrest on the chair and the lolly pop sticks to it, Lucien takes a picture of Wayne trying to get the lolly pop of his arm. Lucien taunts him saying that he is going to stick the picture of Wayne all over the school bulltin board. Wayne chases Lucien and Tony. Suddenly there is a knock on the house door Mrs Cramp comes out of the basment and Mr Cramp goes outside to the back garden. Mrs Cramp answers the door to discover it's her mother coming to stay with them for the weekend, Grandma asks the removel men to bring in her favorite sitting chair in, then the removel men also bring in a big piano she says that it's a rental not a gift then mistakes Tony for Mr Cramp and everything goes awkward for the rest of the day, Tony is dressed and made to act like Mr Cramp, Grandma critisises the dinner Mrs Cramp cooked, then the real mr Cramp comes home and is made to act like the piano teacher and pretend Lucien and Wayne are his students, the real Mr Cramp goes to bed and Grandma screams the piano teacher is in her bed Tony dressed as Mr Cramp comes in and whacks him in the back of the heel with a fly swatter and runs out of the room. Lucien says that he explained to the real Mr Cramp that Tony is pretending to be him and he does not mind spending a night in the shed, Grandma complains that she wants to go home and while Wayne plays the piano terribly she says that she will stay ending the episode.

Trivia Edit

Grandma Cramp makes her debut in the series

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