Plot Edit

The episode starts with Wayne collecting his lunch from the dinner ladies he then says he needs 2 desserts due to a sugar shortage the dinner ladies take 1 of the cakes off his tray he then says that it's medical the next scene shows Wendy taking everyone's desserts when she walks past Mari she also takes her dessert. After lunch she says to Lucien that she is sick of being a "geek girl" and begins to change her image by buying a video game and clothes. Lucien is suprised when he sees her the next day at school, Mari starts taking everyones desserts like Wendy did, Wendy then says to Mari that they could form a gang, Mari agrees and they form a "gang" despite it only being 2 of them Wayne asks to join but Mari says he can't because he is a Boy, so Wayne makes a dress and makes a wig from Lucien's teddy bears. The next day Miss Hissy wonders where Wayne is and Wayne (Dressed as a girl) says his name is Wynona and begins hanging out with Wendy and Mari, but when Wendy and Mari declears a meeting in the girls toilets he acts nervous when they open the door into the toilets they go inside and Wayne wonders why the is no "wee wee things" he gets scared and runs out while Mari and Wendy begin talking later Wayne is running down the street he bumps into some girls by accident Wayne apoligises to them and they then say that a boy can't hit a girl but a girl can hit a boy which causes Wayne to run away with the girls chasing him. Wendy and Mari see Wayne dressed as Wynona (Wayne dressed as a girl) and begins to suspect it is Wayne and takes his wig off to revel....Wayne. Wayne then runs away and Mari and Wendy and the other girls get in a fight. The next day Lucien is suprised to find Mari in her normal clothes she then says that she wants to be a normal girl even if it does mean being called a geek girl.

Trivia Edit

▪This episode was critised for being sexist and teaching kids that girls are better than boys.

▪This is one of few episodes that do not feature any parents.