Dorothy Cramp

Dorothy Cramp

Dorothy, sometimes nicknamed Dotty, is the mother of Wayne and Lucien. She is a clean freak and is always testing out new cleaning products. She hates Lucien's love for animals and nature because of how bacteria lives in the wilderness and animals. She also hates Tony because he lives in a swamp.


She is the stricter parent and a germaphobe. But she is a kind and loving mother none the less and knows her children best as she knows Lucien is a Vegetarian and Wayne likes junk food. She has a passion for cleaning and can get testy and out of control is something is dirty or out of place and often panics when she see's something disgusting or when Wayne is dirty or if Lucien has an animal or anything from the forest or swamp in the house.

She is usually the referee in her son's fights. Out of her two children she is closer to Lucien as he is kinder and more responsible as he keeps everything clean.

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