Count Crampula is and episode on series 3 cramp twins' in this episode wayne thinks he's a vampire.

this first sees the cramps and tony are watching a horror film at night luicien does not like it because it has fake stuff so he tells tony that its just ketchup and other stuff and props but tony believes that his father says that vampires are real. but wayne wants to be a vampire until dorothy turns off the T.V saying bedtime boys so dorothy tells her husband to go to tony's house but herman is too scared so he's agrees it when tony and herman go to tony's house herman runs to his house scared. at midnight wayne makes noise so luicien tells wayne to stop making a racket so wayne Flaps his arms and went to his room making a coffin. the next morning dorothy pulls the curtains and wayne shouts. dorothy says it's time to get up. wayne says he can't get up because he thinks he's a vampire then he says besides its saturday. at breakfast luicien eats his cornflakes tired, wayne comes in the kitchen and sits down. luicien is angry because wayne was keeping him awake last night thumping around. wayne calls him a girl pants them he eats a jam doughnut saying i need blood and chomps hardly that jam squirted at luicien wayne laughs and makes a grin. meanwhile at the swamp tony said its something weird about wayne, luicien says that wayne is pretending as a vampire that they don't even excist. tony says he's been told to and now open his eyes a mosquito sits on tony's hand sucking blood and tony kills it with his hand luicien is shocked because he killed a mosquito. at night wayne walks to the kitchen eating a sausage the next day luicien and tony are walking drinking orange juice cartons tony thinks that luicien feasts that blood of the orange and the bank manager training the life with his client. tony's father calls them blood-suckers luicien asks that he owes the money tony says they are vampires everywhere and he drinks a orange juice carton again.meanwhile wayne is outside fighting a cat in a bush then he gets cat scratch on his left cheek. tony says the mauls of the cat after that wayne wears his vampire cloak throwing a beef to luicien's face the right glasses are covered in gravy that night, wayne sleeps in a coffin made out of wood and sleeps. on monday he hangs like a bat on a peg and the students laughed at him and teacher tells him to stop hanging on the clothes peg at playtime wayne tries to scare a girl and wendy but fails to scare wendy because she wants to be a vampire, that night the parents and the cramps go to the school into the gym at the principle's office, the principle thinks that wayne is the vampire but the parents say that he's not a vampire at the gym the children are holding mob torches finding for wayne, until wendy appears to kiss him but wayne gets out of it and tells the children to get wendy now wendy is stuck on the gym ladder screaming. at midnight wendy trys to do wayne but instead goes to luicien and wendy says wrong room then when she kisses wayne, he screams in horror and groans in disgust

Trivia: after wayne eats a jam doughnut the doughnuts disappear

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